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RigaBrain® is a social enterprise founded in 2008. It aims to inform, promote and use innovative methods for improving brain performance: supporting new solutions and providing opportunities for everyone to use.

The company organizes conversation evenings and lectures, as well as maintains the largest blog in the Latvian language with recommendations for brain activity and organizes unique brain training during which brain wave measurements are performed. The established support program provides neurological feedback sessions to anyone who can not afford them, especially to children who have suffered from violence.

With a passion for work and clients and their comfort, RigaBrain® has gained the status of a cheerful company in the eyes of the people by organizing conversation evenings, free lectures, creating a RigaBrain® blog with new recommendations for brain activity and unique brain training that measures brain wave measurements.

RigaBrain® represents Dynamic Neuroptimal Systems, the world's most advanced equipment for neurophobic sessions in the Baltic region.

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