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Dynamical neurofeedback®

Welcome to RigaBrain®: Your Gateway to Enhanced Brain Performance with NeurOptimal®

At RigaBrain®, we believe in harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology to improve mental well-being and cognitive performance. As a renowned brain training center located in Riga, Latvia, we are proud to offer NeurOptimal® - a state-of-the-art Dynamical Neurofeedback® system that promises a journey towards better brain function and overall wellness World wide!

Why Choose NeurOptimal®? NeurOptimal® is a highly advanced brain training tool, designed to optimize your brain's potential. It doesn't work on symptoms or diagnoses but focuses on improving the brain's self-regulation. This approach helps in creating flexibility, resilience, and movement towards fluidity in brain functions. Whether you're looking to enhance memory, concentration, sleep quality, stress reduction, or mitigate burnout, NeurOptimal® is your ideal partner.

Our Offerings:

  • Individual Sessions: Experience personalized sessions with NeurOptimal® at our RigaBrain® center. Each session is tailored to meet your unique cognitive needs, ensuring an experience that is as effective as it is relaxing.

  • NeurOptimal® Systems for Sale: We provide the NeurOptimal® training system for purchase, enabling you to enjoy the benefits of brain training in the comfort of your home or professional setting.

  • Certification and Training: RigaBrain® offers NeurOptimal® Basic Certification, both onsite and online. These programs are available in Latvian, Russian, and English, making them accessible to a broader audience.


Enhance Your Productivity and Personal Growth: RigaBrain® is not just about improving brain function; it's about enhancing your overall quality of life. Our training and sessions are designed to boost productivity, personal growth, and cognitive processes. Join the myriad of individuals and companies who have experienced the transformative power of NeurOptimal® through RigaBrain®.

Your Journey to a Better Brain Begins Here: Embark on your path to cognitive enhancement and mental wellness with RigaBrain® and NeurOptimal®. Visit our online store to learn more about our products, services, and how you can start your journey towards a healthier, more resilient brain today.

Understanding Dynamical Neurofeedback®

Dynamical Neurofeedback® is a sophisticated brain training technology that stands out for its holistic approach to brain optimization. Unlike linear neurofeedback, which often targets specific brain areas or functions, Dynamical Neurofeedback® operates under the principle that the brain functions as an integrated whole. This technology utilizes a non-linear approach, supporting the brain's natural self-regulation without imposing specific targets.

The Non-Linear Approach

At the heart of Dynamical Neurofeedback® is a non-linear model that recognizes the brain as a dynamic, constantly evolving system. This model views the brain as capable of self-organizing and adjusting its neural pathways based on feedback. The NeurOptimal® system at RigaBrain® continuously monitors the brain's electrical activity, detecting patterns and fluctuations that suggest inefficiencies or imbalances.

Real-Time Feedback

During a session, NeurOptimal® uses sensors placed on the scalp to measure the brain's electrical activity. The system analyzes this data in real time, focusing on detecting shifts in the brain's dominant frequencies. When it identifies irregular patterns—signs of suboptimal brain activity—the system delivers auditory signals (typically brief interruptions in music) that act as cues for the brain to 'reset' or adjust itself.

The Dynamical Edge

What sets Dynamical Neurofeedback® apart is its dynamic feedback loop. This feedback is reflective, not corrective, serving as a mirror that allows the brain to observe its own activity. By providing moment-to-moment insights about its functioning, the brain is encouraged to recognize and modify disruptive patterns, leading to more coherent and efficient operation.

Adaptive and Responsive

A standout feature of NeurOptimal® Dynamical Neurofeedback® is its adaptability. Instead of pushing the brain toward predefined states, it responds to the individual's unique brain activity. This ensures that each session is custom-tailored to the person's current cognitive state, facilitating a flexible and personalized training process.

Benefits of Enhanced Self-Regulation

Through regular training sessions, the brain learns to maintain optimal functioning on its own, yielding a variety of cognitive and emotional benefits:

  • Increased mental flexibility and adaptability

  • Enhanced problem-solving and decision-making abilities

  • Improved emotional stability and resilience

  • Reduction in stress and anxiety levels

  • Enhanced overall mental and emotional health

Dynamical Neurofeedback® at RigaBrain® represents a state-of-the-art, gentle, and effective method to enhance brain functionality and overall well-being. By leveraging the brain's inherent capabilities for self-regulation, NeurOptimal® assists individuals in achieving greater mental balance and efficiency, making it a valuable tool for cognitive and emotional enhancement.

Purchase NeurOptimal® systems through official website


For those interested in acquiring the NeurOptimal® system, please note that purchases can be made directly through the official website.


During the purchase or ordering process, it is essential to specify the Representative you wish to work with or who has been of most assistance to you so far. By entering the name of RigaBrain®'s NeurOptimal® representative, Peteris Urtans, you will automatically receive free support from RigaBrain® specialists, including Peteris Urtans himself, for the next five years.

Our extensive experience with NeurOptimal® spans over 15 years and encompasses more than 10,000 clients, offering unparalleled benefits.


If you purchase the NeurOptimal® system without specifying our representative, Peteris Urtans, but would like our support, please note that a one-year support fee of 2,500 EUR will apply.

Important Note on Representative Selection

Once you have made your selection of a representative or if you choose not to specify one by entering "NO," please be aware that you will not have the option to change this at a later time. This is in accordance with NeurOptimal®'s policies, which do not permit modifications to the representative choice after the initial purchase has been completed. It is crucial to make an informed decision during the purchase process to ensure you receive the support that best fits your needs.

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Features NeurOtimal

NeurOptimal® Systems


Transform Your Brain with NeurOptimal®

NeurOptimal® is the most advanced brain training system on the market, using cutting-edge technology to help you optimize your brain function and achieve your full potential.


NeurOptimal® Features

  • Real-time feedback on brain activity

  • Auto customized training sessions for optimal results

  • Safe, non-invasive, and drug-free

  • Easy to use, with no special skills or knowledge required

  • Suitable for all ages, from children to seniors

  • Can be used in various settings, including homes, clinics, and offices

  • Offers online support and resources, including forums and training videos

  • Can be used for a variety of purposes, including stress reduction, sleep improvement, and cognitive enhancement

  • Offers flexible scheduling options to fit your busy lifestyle

  • Can be used by multiple users with separate profiles for each person

  • Provides ongoing updates and improvements to the software and hardware

  • Offers a money-back guarantee to ensure customer satisfaction

NeurOptimal® offers several business opportunities that you could consider:


  1. Starting a NeurOptimal® rental business: You could purchase NeurOptimal systems and rent them out to individuals or businesses for a fee. This could be a great option for those who want to try out the system before investing in it, or for those who cannot afford to purchase a system outright.

  2. Starting a NeurOptimal® training center: You could open a NeurOptimal® training center where individuals can come and receive personalized training sessions. This could be a great option for those who prefer to have guidance from a trained professional, or for those who want to use NeurOptimal® for a specific purpose (such as improving sleep or reducing stress).

  3. Integrating NeurOptimal® into an existing business: NeurOptimal® could be integrated into an existing business that focuses on health and wellness. For example, a yoga studio or fitness center could offer NeurOptimal® sessions as an additional service to their clients.

  4. Integrating NeurOptimal® into an existing business that focuses on psychological and psychotherapy practices could be an effective way to enhance the services that you offer to your clients. By incorporating NeurOptimal® sessions into your practice, you could help your clients achieve greater mental and emotional balance and promote overall well-being. For example, you could use NeurOptimal® as part of a cognitive behavioral therapy program to help clients overcome anxiety, depression, or other mental health issues. NeurOptimal® could also be used to enhance mindfulness practices, meditation, or other stress-reducing techniques. The integration of NeurOptimal® into psychological and psychotherapy practices could offer a unique and innovative approach to therapy and provide additional value to your clients.

  5. Becoming a NeurOptimal® affiliate: You could become a NeurOptimal® affiliate and earn a commission for referring clients to purchase NeurOptimal® systems. This could be a great option for those who have a large social media following or a network of contacts who may be interested in NeurOptimal®.

  6. Becoming a NeurOptimal® trainer: You could become a certified NeurOptimal® trainer and offer training sessions to clients. This could be a great option for those who have a background in psychology or counseling, or for those who have a strong interest in neuroscience and brain training.

These are just a few examples of the business opportunities that NeurOptimal® offers. With its innovative technology and wide range of applications, NeurOptimal® could be a great addition to any business that focuses on health and wellness.


NeurOptimal® systems are available in a range of packages to suit your needs and budget. Choose from:


:) 0% Interest rate on financing on All Systems up to 12 month (down payment starting from USD 2000) 


Each package includes:

  • NeurOptimal® software and hardware

  • Training and support from our team of experts

  • Access to our online community for tips and advice

  • Money-back guarantee

Contact Us to Order


Contact Us

For more information or to order your NeurOptimal® system, please contact us:

Business opportunities
Picing NurOptima
Contact us to buy

NeurOptimal® description

NeurOptimal® is a turnkey, fully automated Dynamical Neurofeedback® system.

    • Simple to use, start a Session with just a few taps

    • Unlimited or Limited license (according to purchase)

    • 20 targets including those high Hz, up to 63 Hz

    • Larger set of 20 targets including those high Hz, up to 63 Hz (Unlimited)

    • Comprehensive, user-friendly Client managing system

    • Customizable visualizer provides a more pleasurable visuals experience

    • Automatic line noise filter and improved adaptive inline denoising allows for Sessions in virtually any environment

    • Music by Grammy award winner Jeff Bova composed specifically for NeurOptimal®

    For the Unlimited license version:
    This license has an unlimited number of Sessions available, which means you will never need to purchase Sessions. They will not run out.

    For the Limited license version:
    100 Sessions are bundled with this system. Additional Sessions are purchased separately. For more information on Sessions refills please click here.

    What is PASS Preview?
    PASS Preview is a “lighter” version of PASS provided to new purchasers at the time of their purchase. Trainers may replace their PASS preview membership with a full PASS membership at any time throughout their PASS Preview membership. See our PASS Membership Comparison page for the most current information re: what is and is not covered under PASS Preview.

    What are ZenPoints?
    ZenPoints are earned as purchase incentives and are applied solely as discounts on future orders and have no monetary value. *available 30 days after order completion

    *Leasing availability:
    Leasing is currently only available in North America.

    – Please note that Windows 11 (specifically Windows Media Player) does not natively support DVD playback and therefore DVDs cannot be used with NeurOptimal® software. Tablets do not have internal CD/DVD drives.

Additional information about NeurOptimal® system

Surface Laptop Go 2 – i5


  • 278.2mm x 206.2mm x 15.7mm (10.95” x 8.12” x 0.62”)


  • Screen: 12.4” PixelSense™ Display

  • Resolution: 1536 x 1024 (148 PPI)

  • Aspect ratio: 3:2

  • Touch: 10-point multi-touch




  • Quad Core 11th Gen Intel® Core™ i5-1135G7 Processor


  • Firmware TPM 2.0

  • Enterprise-grade protection with Windows Hello sign-in

  • One Touch sign in with Fingerprint Power Button

Operating System

  • Windows 11 Pro

Power Supply

  • 39W Power Supply


  • 1,127 g


  • Removable SSD drive 128GB


  • Intel® Iris® Xe Graphics


  • 1 x USB-C®

  • 1 x USB-A

  • 3.5 mm headphone jack

  • 1 x Surface Connect port

Cameras, video, and audio

  • 720p HD f2.0 camera (front-facing)

  • Dual far-field Studio Mics

  • Omnisonic® Speakers with Dolby® Audio™ Premium


  • Wi-Fi 6: 802.11ax compatible

  • Bluetooth® Wireless 5.1 technology


  • Top: Aluminum

  • Base: Aluminum and polycarbonate composite resin system with glass fiber and 30% post-consumer recycled content.


  • 30-month limited hardware warranty with Microsoft

Keyboard layout

  • Activation: Moving keys

  • Layout: QWERTY, full row of function keys (F1 – F12)

  • Windows key and dedicated buttons for media controls, screen brightness


Price: Final cost may vary world wide due to differences in local taxes, duties and possibly shipping costs. Import tariffs are the responsibility of the purchaser. (Does not apply to US and Canada).
Payment Options: VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, cashier’s check and electronic funds transfer.
Shipping and Handling: Shipping charges are included for continental US and Canada.
Delivery Time: Orders typically ship in 7-10 business days from the time of order processing.
Cancellations and Returns: Orders may be canceled or returned within 30 days for a refund less a 20% restocking fee and the cost of replacing consumables (includes sensors) damaged or missing components and shipping by Zengar®‘s carrier.
Warranties: Zengar® warranties its zAmp for 2 years. The system has a 30-month limited Microsoft hardware warranty. ESET subscription active for one year – annual renewal is free for all paid PASS members.
Export/Import Regulatory Requirements: Customer will abide by all laws pertinent to the US, Canada and their own country with regard to export and import regulations.
NeurOptimal® Purchase Agreement: End user is licensing the use of NeurOptimal® software subject to the terms and conditions of the End User License Agreement (EULA). NeurOptimal® is sold on the understanding that it is being used lawfully within owner’s state, province or country. Determining applicable laws is responsibility of purchaser.
A Note About System & Internet Requirements: NeurOptimal® needs to be connected to the internet in order to launch. There is a seven day grace period, to allow for the occasions your internet is down or you are in an area without internet. Should you expect to be without internet for more than 7 consecutive days, please contact us beforehand so that we can accommodate you. If you’re offline for more than 7 consecutive days unexpectedly, we recommend using your cellular phone as a hot spot in order to launch NeurOptimal®.

Read the full Terms and Conditions

  • Limited Pack - USD 7 995,00 Contact Us to Order
    • The Surface Laptop Go 2 – i5 – Limited License Bundle includes:

    • State-of-the-art fully configured NeurOptimal® laptop

    • A NeurOptimal® Limited license (what is this?)

    • 30 month Microsoft warranty

    • 1 x zAmp + 2 x USB cables

    • 2 x sets of sensors

    • 2 x sets of earbuds

    • 1 x Ten20 conductive paste

    • Carrying sleeve

    • Includes original music #4 for NeurOptimal®

    • Getting Started manual

    • 1 year ESET antivirus protection

    • 3 month PASS Preview (what is PASS Preview?)

    • 500 ZenPoints  (what are ZenPoints?) *not applicable on financed orders **available 30 days after order completion

    • FREE access to our Facebook PASS Community page

  • Unlimited Pack - USD 10 495,00 Contact Us to Order
    • The Surface Laptop Go 2 – i5 – Unlimited License Bundle includes:

    • State-of-the-art fully configured NeurOptimal® laptop

    • A NeurOptimal® Unlimited license (what is this?)

    • 30 month Microsoft warranty

    • 1 x zAmp + 2 x USB cables

    • 2 x sets of sensors

    • 2 x sets of earbuds

    • 1 x Ten20 conductive paste

    • Carrying sleeve

    • Includes original music #4 for NeurOptimal®

    • Getting Started manual

    • 1 year ESET antivirus protection

    • 3 month PASS Preview (what is PASS Preview?)

    • 500 ZenPoints  (what are ZenPoints?) *not applicable on financed orders **available 30 days after order completion

    • FREE access to our Facebook PASS Community page

  • Business Start-Up Bundle
    USD 31 485,00 Contact Us to Order
    • This Business Start-Up Package Includes:

    • 3 x state-of-the-art fully configured NeurOptimal® laptops

    • 3 x NeurOptimal® Unlimited licenses (What is this?)

    • 3 x carrying sleeves

    • 30-month Microsoft warranty on each system

    • 3 x zAmp encoders + 2 x USB cables for each zAmp

    • 9 x sets of sensors

    • 6 x sets of earbuds

    • 6 x Ten20 conductive paste tubes

    • Original music #4 for NeurOptimal®

    • 3 x Getting Started manuals

    • 1-year ESET antivirus protection on each system

    • 3-months PASS Preview ((What is PASS Preview?)

    • FREE access to our Facebook PASS Community page

    • 2 x online course registrations of your choice (Value of up to $1320 USD)

    • 1500 ZenPoints (what are ZenPoints?) *not applicable on financed orders **available 30 days after order completion

    • Special financing options available up to 48 months – Click here for more info!

Unlimited Pack
Business StartUp Bundle
NeurOptiml Descriptiom
Basic Certification
Basic Certification
Basic Certification

NeurOptimal® Basic Certification

NeurOptimal® Basic Certification is a comprehensive training program designed for individuals who want to become certified NeurOptimal® trainers. This program is ideal for healthcare professionals, therapists, coaches, and other individuals who want to learn how to use NeurOptimal® systems to help their clients improve their cognitive and emotional functioning.

The NeurOptimal® Basic Certification program includes online training modules that cover the theory and practice of neurofeedback. Participants will learn about the basics of brain anatomy and function, the principles of neurofeedback, and how to use the NeurOptimal® software to analyze and provide feedback on brain activity.

In addition to the online training modules, participants will also receive hands-on training in the use of the NeurOptimal® system. This includes training on how to set up and use the EEG amplifier, attach the electrodes to the scalp, and conduct training sessions with clients.

Upon completion of the NeurOptimal® Basic Certification program, participants will have the knowledge and skills necessary to become certified NeurOptimal® trainers. They will be able to offer neurofeedback training to their clients using the NeurOptimal® system, and will be able to provide ongoing support and guidance to their clients as they work to improve their cognitive and emotional functioning.

Overall, the NeurOptimal® Basic Certification program is an excellent investment for anyone who wants to use the NeurOptimal® system to help their clients achieve optimal brain functioning. It provides comprehensive training in the theory and practice of neurofeedback, and equips participants with the skills and knowledge they need to become successful NeurOptimal® trainers.

Here's a breakdown of the differences between Basic Certification and Representative Support:

Basic Certification:
Purpose: Basic
Certification is a program designed to educate and certify individuals in the fundamental principles and practices of using NeurOptimal® technology.
Training Content: It typically covers comprehensive training on the NeurOptimal® system, including its operation, setup, understanding client needs, and effectively using the system for neurofeedback sessions.
Certification: Successful completion of the Basic Certification program provides a formal acknowledgment or certificate, indicating that an individual has undergone the necessary training to use NeurOptimal®.
Skill Acquisition: Participants gain the skills needed to operate the NeurOptimal® system competently and effectively for neurofeedback sessions with clients.

Representative Support:
Purpose: Representative support often involves ongoing assistance, guidance, and technical support provided by authorized representatives or support teams associated with NeurOptimal®.
Nature of Support: It can encompass various aspects, including troubleshooting technical issues, providing guidance on system usage, offering insights into advanced features, and addressing user queries or concerns.
Accessibility: Representatives or support teams are typically available to assist users during their usage of the system, offering help and solutions as needed.
Continued Assistance: Representative support ensures users have access to experts who can aid them in optimizing their experience with the NeurOptimal® system.

In essence, Basic Certification is a structured program aimed at training individuals to effectively use NeurOptimal® technology, while Representative Support refers to ongoing assistance and guidance provided by authorized representatives or support teams to users utilizing the system.

NeurOptimal® Questions and Answers


What is NeurOptimal®?

NeurOptimal® is a neurofeedback system designed to promote brain optimization and enhance overall well-being by training the brain to function more efficiently.

How does NeurOptimal® work?

NeurOptimal® uses real-time EEG monitoring to provide feedback to the brain, helping it self-regulate and optimize neural activity patterns.

Is NeurOptimal® safe?

Yes, NeurOptimal® is non-invasive and safe for individuals of all ages. It does not emit any signals into the brain, making it a gentle and risk-free neurofeedback option.

What conditions can NeurOptimal® help with?

NeurOptimal® isn't designed to treat specific conditions. Instead, it aims to optimize brain function, potentially aiding in stress reduction, improved focus, better sleep, and overall mental clarity.

How long does it take to see results with NeurOptimal®?

Results vary among individuals. Some may notice improvements after a few sessions, while others may require more time. Consistency in sessions often influences the speed of results.

Can I use NeurOptimal® at home?

Yes, NeurOptimal offers systems for home use. Training can be done with guidance from certified trainers or independently following proper instructions.

Are there any side effects with NeurOptimal®?

NeurOptimal® is generally well-tolerated, and side effects are rare. Occasionally, users might experience mild, short-lived symptoms like fatigue or temporary shifts in mood.

How much does NeurOptimal® cost?

The cost varies based on whether you're purchasing the system, renting it, or undergoing sessions at a certified provider's location. Prices range based on the chosen package or service.

Is NeurOptimal® effective for everyone?

While many users report positive experiences, effectiveness can vary. Factors such as consistency in training and individual responsiveness to neurofeedback play a role.

Where can I find certified NeurOptimal® trainers or providers?

NeurOptimal®'s official website provides a directory of certified trainers and providers worldwide. You can locate professionals in your area or those offering remote services. 

If there is NeurOptimal® software update is it free of charge?

Small system updates are conducted free of charge for several years while NeurOptimal® 3 version is supported. Major updates for PASS members (for at least one year) are complimentary, whereas others may incur a fee, which will be notified in advance. Major updates typically occur around every 5 -10 years.

How long (years) or how many sessions one NeurOptimal® device usually lasts?

The lifespan of a single system is estimated to be around 5 years. However, there's no obligation to purchase a new license within this timeframe. If your computer can no longer accommodate newer updates after 5 years, it may be necessary to acquire a new device (replacement it cost around 2000-2500USD). Consequently, there are no session limitations (for Unlimited version), and the system can serve for an extended duration. I have systems that have been in use for more than 5 years!

How to track NeurOptimal® results?

For NeurOptimal® session results tracking use those tracking tools:

My Journal Checklist

My Journal Tracker

Is it ok to use your device for any other activities, or is it only reserved for Neuroptimal®?

As for device usage, it's typically fine to use the device for other activities besides NeurOptimal®. However, for optimal performance during neurofeedback sessions, it's advisable to minimize background processes or tasks that might interfere with the NeurOptimal® software. This ensures a smoother experience and reduces the potential for disruptions during sessions. If the device is primarily dedicated to NeurOptimal® sessions, keeping it streamlined and free from unnecessary applications or processes might be beneficial.

Is there  any additional cost at customs?

The potential for additional costs related to customs can vary based on various factors such as the country you're in, the item being shipped, and specific import regulations. Generally, when purchasing products internationally, especially high-value items like technology or equipment, customs fees, import duties, and taxes might apply.

When purchasing NeurOptimal®, customs fees, import duties in Latvia we don't have, only VAT tax 21% is applied, what you need to pay before to get system from customs. And broker services costs ~35eur. 

About support and warranty

NeurOptimal®  provide various levels of support and guarantees to ensure their products work as intended and provide adequate assistance when needed.

Support includes:
Technical Support: 
Assistance with troubleshooting, resolving technical issues, and ensuring the system functions correctly. 

1. FAQ  - free

2. Contact Your Representative - free

3. Write e-mail - free

4. Live support (ZenConnect).  For PASS ir free for others it cost per hour.


Warranty: NeurOptimal® systems come with warranties covering defects or malfunctions for a specified period after purchase. Warranty terms may vary, so it's essential to review these details.

Support and warranty terms:

Customer Service: Access to knowledgeable staff who can provide guidance, advice, and support for optimal usage. 

1. Contact Your Representative - free

2. Write e-mail - free

3. Live support (ZenConnect).  For PASS ir free for others it cost per hour.

Training and Resources: training or resources to help users get the most out of their systems.

1. Discover NeurOptimal® - free

2. Educational Portal  - free

3. Getting to Know NeurOptimal® video - free

4. Orientation video for your new NeurOptimal® system - free

5. Build Your NeurOptimal® Rental Business - free

6. Creating a Successful NeurOptimal® Business - free

7. Contact Your Representative - free

8. Write e-mail - free

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